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Video Games Player Scoreboard

The first table below are scores reported to Walt Day of Twin Galaxies that were published in Video Game Player (later renamed Computer Games) magazine and have since been removed from the Twin Galaxies scoreboard.

The second table lists scores that were published elsewhere in the magazine.

The Issue column refers to the issue that the score first appears in.



Data has been collected from the following issues:

1982: Fall
1983: Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov
1984: April, June, Nov/Dec
1985: Jan/Feb

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 Game Score Player Issue

(5 Dirks)

 Kevin Crane April 1984
 155,000 Phil Britt Jan/Feb 1985
 1,453,630 Yasuhiro Oda Nov/Dec 1984
 96,850 Chris Holder Nov/Dec 1984
 93,100 Chris Ayra Jan/Feb 1985


The table below lists scores that were reported elsewhere in the magazine.

 Game Score Player Issue

 Leo Daniels
 North Carolina

 Fall 1982
 2,269,230 Leo Daniels Oct/Nov 1983
 9,026,864 Perry Rodgers June 1984

 Franz Lanzinger

 Fall 1982
 3,327,000 Leo Daniels Oct/Nov 1983
 89,000 Leo Daniels Oct/Nov 1983
 1,747,891 Leo Daniels Oct/Nov 1983
 169,000,000 Leo Daniels Oct/Nov 1983

 Jay Nelson
 West Virginia

 Fall 1982